City of Grand Rapids

 The City of Grand Rapids is committed to the principles of sustainability, where the interdependency of the natural environment, economic system and social structure of the City are recognized. This “triple bottom line” thinking is fundamental to all City policy and program decisions.

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Aquinas College

The Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College heads the AQ Sustainability Initiative which provides ongoing process to assure that Aquinas College is the kind of place where people love to work and learn. The initiative encompasses programs that promote environmental restoration while strengthening community relationships and improving financial stability. Currently, the Center for Sustainability is focused on the implementation of the Zero-Waste Initiative. This aggressive initiative is in place to elevate the conversation about waste and sustainability at the college, guiding us to our goal of being the first college campus in the nation to achieve Zero Waste.

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Grand Valley State University

GVSU is known locally, regionally, nationally, and globally for applied sustainability best practices on campus and in the community.  Sustainability has been named the seventh formal value and is woven into all aspects of the university including administration, campus operations, educational opportunities, student involvement, and community engagement.  GVSU’s Office of Sustainability Practices provides the necessary skills, analytical tools, and resources to address sustainability issues.

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Grand Rapids Public Schools

The Grand Rapids Public Schools aims to infuse our mission of providing vigorous education with the ethic of sustainability. The district will create a common language for all levels of the district to employ in order to embody sustainability practices and principles. Impacting all aspects of operations will help us graduate responsible stewards of our natural resources, reduce the ecological impact of the district, garner cost savings, and boost productivity of students and staff.

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Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College received a LEED Silver Certification for their new sustainable design of the Stewart Edward White Hall that was recently remodeled. The renovated 100-year-old building now reduces water usage by 40 percent, recycles 90 percent of construction material and installed new bicycle racks. GRCC is modeling best practices by winning a LEED Award and continues to focus on the Triple-Bottom line by educating its students and staff on the importance of sustainability in the community.

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