Two West Michigan Companies Honored as “Best Workplace for Commuters” – GVSU and Spectrum Health

“Two local organizations have earned a designation for offering ‘exceptional’ commuter benefits to their employees.

Grand Valley State University and Spectrum Health were named last month to the 2018 list of ‘Best Workplaces for Commuters.’

The designation is managed by the Center for Urban Transportation Research, or CUTR, at the University of South Florida with support from the National Center for Transit Research, or NCTR, and the Florida Department of Transportation, or FDOT.

‘Not only are these employers changing how America commutes, they know that it makes good business sense to provide commuter programs to employees,’ said Julie Bond, program manager for ‘Best Workplaces for Commuters’ and a senior researcher at CUTR.

To be eligible for the recognition, workplaces must submit an online application annually to demonstrate they meet the BWC national standard of excellence.

Requirements include committing to employer-provided commuter benefits resulting in at least 14 percent of their employee base not driving alone to work within a 12-month period.

Employers must provide employees with access to commuter-friendly programs, such as discounted transit passes, telework, secure bicycle storage and emergency ride-home programs.

The 2018 ‘Best Workplaces for Commuters’ comprises 235 workplaces with more than 734,000 employees.

Spectrum and GVSU are the only two Michigan employers on the list.”

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