GR Community Sustainability Partnership to Focus on Water Issues

At its recent meeting, the CSP Steering Committee made the commitment to intentionally focus on the issues of water during 2018.  Drinking water leapt to the top of every municipalities’ agenda following the Flint and Toledo water crises.  There are also issues around water as a “common good” and who, if anyone, should pay for water withdrawal or use. Because the Great Lakes are essential to our quality of life, commerce, and tourism industry, protecting the asset is of utmost importance to Michiganders.

The CSP represents a potentially powerful tool to address water issues.  Our endorsing partners come from business, industry, government, non-profit and philanthropic, and education sectors.  We are 300 members strong!  Look for opportunities to weigh in on water issues throughout this year…starting right now.  What do you think is the single most important water issue facing our community?

Please email myself, George Heartwell, at [email protected] with any suggestions/questions!