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Grand Rapids Hosts Forest Bioeconomy Conference

About the Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute: “The Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute (MiFBI) works to promote economic development concerning the growth, utilization and recycling of forest biomaterials. We aim to identify resources and incentives needed to develop a high, sustainable quality of life in Michigan through the optimal use of natural resources. MiFBI is a broad coalition of […]

Where is Sustainability Headed in the Future?

With all of the recent changes on the national political scene, many business and organization leaders have raised the question of where sustainability is headed in the future. There are expressed concerns about the continuing support for ongoing programs and initiatives, especially those around environmental sustainability. Some of those issue areas include protection of our […]

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum Displays Forward-Looking Initiative

A great article on our forward-looking West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum: “Once companies harvest all of the proverbial low-hanging fruit in the pursuit of sustainability, they’re faced with tackling far more challenging and complex issues within their operations. That dynamic is no different for the region’s preeminent sustainable business organization, which has changed and evolved […]

Sustainable Cities – Songdo, South Korea

“In 2000, the largest private real estate development in history began. Spanning 1,500 acres of land on South Korea’s west coast, Songdo was built as part of former President Lee Myung-bak’s mission to sustainably develop parts of South Korea. Myung-bak thought that ‘smart’ developments would create a successful avenue for growth in the ‘world’s smartest […]